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Normally one of the top things people recommend for you to see in Lima is Larcomar. I went (and yes it’s fabulous) but in reality, it’s nothing more than a shopping mall full of the same North American brands you can find anywhere. In Lima, you can find one of a kind items to bring back home and I find that the prices are very reasonable for the quality you are getting. Plus when you shop local, you are helping to support the creative design scene in Lima rather than buying mass-produced items at the mall. So whether you’re looking to buy unique souvenirs, shop local designers, or just look around, here are the best places to shop local in Lima, Peru.


Calle de Los Conquistadores 

The most famous street for shopping local designers in Lima is Calle de Los Conquistadores in San Isidro. There are so many shops to visit from end-end to emerging designers that I am simply listing the street and you can browse around yourself. A good starting point to put in your Google Map is Coco Jolie (Av. Los Conquistadores 906) and then go from there.

Address: Av. Los Conquistadores 906, San Isidro


Morphology is a concept store housing high-end brands from Peru’s top designers. Everything about the store is beautiful and you could spend hours browsing around both floors. There is even an on-site butterfly sanctuary that is worth checking out.

Address: Av Mariscal La Mar 1332, Miraflores


Photo via Gechari Store Facebook

At Gechari you’ll find cool local brands that are focussed on being eco and animal-friendly. Most of the items are shoes or bags and you can find some really pieces items to take back home.

Address: Av Mariscal La Mar 638, Miraflores


Photo via Pulga Facebook Page

At Pulga you can edgy alternative fashion from Peru’s young emerging designers. If you’re looking for something original that no one else is going to have, this is the place to go.

Address: Calle Berlín 290-3, Miraflores

Artisan Gallery San Francisco

If you’re looking to buy cheap alpaca sweaters or typical Peruvian items to bring back home, the Artisan Gallery San Francisco in the historic center is one of the best spots to visit a classic market. It’s located near the San Francisco Catacombs, which are a must-see in Lima as well.

Address: Jirón Lampa 216, Historic Center

La Feria de Barranco

Now heading over to Lima’s bohemian area Barranco, you’ll come across cool shops with clothing from local emerging designers and unique souvenirs. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays you can pass by La Feria de Barranco for flea market stands from independent designers, food, health goods, and more!

Address: Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 346, Barranco


Aikon is a small women’s clothing boutique in Barranco where you can find constantly find new items from multiple local Peruvian designers.

Address: Ave San Martin 219, Barranco 


Alpaca yarn is one of the lightest materials that can keep you warm! At Portico you can buy a high-quality Alpaca sweater that they actually make in the store.

Address: Jr.Batalla De Junin 358, Barranco


Vernacula is a concept store with tons of artisanal items from local designers in Peru. They have clothing for men and women as well as unique souvenir items to bring back home.

Address: Ayacucho 269, Barranco

El Clóset de Mi Hermana

El Clóset de Mi Hermana is an entire store with their own branded clothing line. You can shop unique women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as household decor.

Address: Jirón Centenario 162, Barranco


Photo via Garua Facebook Page

Garua is a small women’s boutique where you can find apparel, accessories, and unique objects from Lima. The clothing here is sophisticated and functional for everyday style.

Address: Jr. Colina 110, Barranco

Las Traperas

Next to Garua is Las Traperas, a sustainable fashion store with vintage and second-hand clothing. This is a great spot to visit for affordable clothing and some of the brands there are unique to Peru. You can even bring in some of your unwanted clothing to use as part of your payment.

Address: Jr. Colina 108 (Inside Twins Cafe), Barranco

Dédalo Arte

Dédalo has a massive selection of locally made artisanal goods, clothing, accessories, house decor, and more in Barranco. They also have a gorgeous open-air cafe at the back of the store.

Address: Jirón Sáenz Peña 295, Barranco

La Regalería 

Looking for the perfect gift for someone? La Regalería is full of quirky objects and cute finds. From skincare, soaps, succulent plants, children’s toys and more – this is a neat spot to visit in Barranco.

Address: Av San Martin 678, Barranco 

Feria Ecológica de Barranco

Every Sunday at Parque de Los Héroes, vendors set up shop for the weekly Feria Ecológica de Barranco. You can purchase homebaked goods, fresh fruits & veggies, artisanal soaps, and more.

Address: Parque de Los Héroes, Barranco

ID Clothing

Photo via ID Clothing Facebook Page

It’s hard to find a place with a good selection of clothing for men, but ID Clothing was a great find I randomly stumbled upon. They have tons of short sleeve button downs, t-shirts, and more with interesting patterns. The showroom is on the first floor of an apartment so it’s best to coordinate via Whatsapp at +51940770219‬ that you’ll be stopping by.

Address: Jr Cajarmarca 105, Barranco

Cuatro en un Baúl 

Cuatro en un Baúl is a home decor store featuring recycled, industrial, and vintage furniture in Barranco. Definitely, a good spot to find unique items for your apartment.

Address: Jr Martinez de Pinillos 105, Barranco

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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