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Want to skip the cheesy tour bus and have an authentic experience in Lima? There are a number of tours that get you off the beaten path and give you a glimpse into what life is really like in the Peruvian capital. From taking a cooking class, walking through ‘favelas’, and learning about the witches market – here are the most unique tours you can do in Lima, Peru.


Get Off-The-Beaten-Path With Alternative Peru

This half-day tour with Alternative Peru gets you off the tourist trail and brings you to sites to experience the real Lima. You will learn interesting social and cultural facts but most importantly you will experience how Lima’s diverse inhabitants live their daily lives. The tour includes a visit to one of Lima’s local communities, the Peruvian version of the favela. While these are the poorest neighborhoods of Lima, they are filled with hardworking people who are trying to provide a better life for their children. On the visit, focus on hope, optimism and positive initiatives, not on poverty. The first stop is at the second largest cemetery in the world, which is very different than any other you have ever seen. Next, visit a group of ladies that organized themselves into a small business that manufactures handicrafts that are then sold as fair trade products. They’ll tell you more about themselves, their hopes and struggles and of course their work. Finally, you will enjoy lunch at a local mother’s house.

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Cooking Class With A Local Family 

During the Cooking Class With A Local Family Tour, you will start with a visit to the local market to pick up ingredients and then you will head to the home of a local Peruvian family. Here you will receive a cooking class on how to make authentic Peruvian cuisine and the perfect Pisco Sour.

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Swim With Wild Sea Lions

Did you know that off the coast of Lima is an island filled with wild sea lions? And you can actually swim with them! During this tour, you will Swim With Wild Sea Lions and learn about the various birds and Humbolt penguins that are around as well. It’s also not obligatory to get in the water if you just want to watch.

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Bizarre Tour Of Lima 

“La Victoria” is one of the smallest districts of Lima, but stands as the largest shopping center in the American continent, characterized for its street vendors, food, and the huge clothing industry, but what is a highlight in this place is the Mercado de Brujas (Witches Market) where snakes, lizards, and other dissected animals are used as alternative medicine. During the Bizarre Lima Tour, you will visit the chaotic Gamarra area, try local street foods, visit the Mercado de Brujas, and have your future read by a wise old woman from the Andes.

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Colors & Flavors Of Lima

Enjoy an authentic food tour during the Lima Colors And Flavors 4-hour Walking Tour through the city’s Chorillos and Barranco neighborhoods. Observe the hum of activity in ‘fish town,’ a section of Chorillos that hosts a fish market and a cast of local fishermen, before heading to the nearby cliffs to sample some local snacks. Continue to the increasingly trendy Barranco area to admire colorful mansions and hip art galleries.

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Experience Lima

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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