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Lima’s upscale Miraflores neighborhood has some amazing boutique hotels, hostels, and apartments that are a perfect base for getting to know the best of what Lima has to offer. This is the most popular area for tourists to stay in because it’s super safe and has all of the modern amenities of a world-class city. Miraflores is also where most of Lima’s famous restaurants are located and you have the gorgeous waterfront malecon with plenty of recreational space. Here are the best places to stay in Miraflores no matter what your budget is.

Casa Azul 

Casa Azul has several gorgeous and creatively designed apartments that you can rent by the night. The location is steps away from the waterfront malecon and several great restaurants. Each apartment also has Netflix included for when you need a night to just chill.

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Attalea Hotel

Attalea Hotel brings you another stylish bed & breakfast option in Miraflores. Guests here feel at home with the friendly personalized service and delicious breakfast.

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Atrium is a modern hotel located near Parque Kennedy, one of the most visited areas of Miraflores. Each room is equipped with a small kitchen if you feel like cooking, and breakfast is included in the morning.

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Quinta Miraflores

Quinta Miraflores is a gorgeous boutique hotel set in a historic home in Miraflores. Guests here rave about the friendly service provided by the hotel staff and central location.

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The Lot Boutique Hotel 

The Lot Boutique Hotel is centrally located in Miraflores with great coffee shops, galleries, and Lima’s most famous restaurants nearby. Guests love the breakfast served on the outdoor patio.

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Latin America’s most trendy hostel chain, Selina, is opening in the upscale Miraflores district this September 2018. Staying at Selina means you’ll be in a space surrounded by local artwork, cool design, and great workspaces for digital nomads. Dorms start at $9 USD/night and private rooms go for $44 USD/night.

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Tierra Viva 

Tierra Viva is one of the newest hotels to open in Lima so everything is clean and modern. It’s also in a quieter area of Miraflores with lots of gourmet restaurants within walking distance. For guests, the best part about staying here is the roof terrance where you can enjoy breakfast in the morning.

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Trendy Apartment

While not actually a hotel, this Trendy Apartment in Miraflores can be rented by the night and is equipped with everything you need for a great stay. The decor is modern and with a kitchen and laundry service on site. The building also has a gym, pool, and social area that are perfect to relax at the end of the day.

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IFE Boutique Hotel

IFE Boutique Hotel has uniquely designed rooms in a central location in Miraflores. The included breakfast comes with fresh fruit, juice, bread and eggs cooked to your choice!

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Experience Lima

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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