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Chorillos is the perfect place in Lima to visit if you want to get a little off the beaten path and experience local fisherman life. During the hot summer weekends (November – May), you’ll find it bustling with families heading here to enjoy the seafood, beaches, or a cheap boat ride around the bay. This was a contrast from the first time I went on a weekday during Lima’s chilly winter season last year and there was hardly anyone in sight.

Getting to Chorillos is easy, and you can put “Playa Pescadores” in Uber or head down the stairs of Barranco to the beach and walk along the boardwalk for about 25 minutes.

There’s not a ton to do here, but I think it’s worth a trip over here if you have the time and enjoy seeing local markets.

Here’s my guide on what to do and see in Lima’s Chorillos neighborhood.

Visit The Chorillos Fish Market

If you want to buy seafood to take home that’s literally fresh off the boat and often still moving, the fish market in Chorillos does not disappoint. And even if you don’t plan on buying seafood, the market is interesting to walk around and take photos.

Eat Fresh Seafood & Ceviche

There are around 20 different food stalls in Chorillos where you can have the freshest catches of the day prepared for you. I found the “nicer” food stalls on the left to be a bit pricey for what they offered (30 Soles for ceviche for example). I ended up dining at a busy food stall called “Chilcano” closer to the market that was packed with people and it was delicious!

The menu is written on a whiteboard and the prices were about half of what the other food stalls were charging. I paid 15 Soles for a MASSIVE bowl of freshly prepared ceviche and 9 Soles for a fish filet with rice and yuca. They also had the whole fish option for 15 Soles.

Relax At Playa Agua Dulce

If you happen to be in Lima during the summer (November – May), Playa Agua Dulce is a quaint beach next to the fish market where you can spend the day sunbathing or taking a dip in the chilly ocean. The views here offer rustic fishermen boats on the left with stunning views of Lima to the right. The water on this side is also much calmer compared to the beaches that are closer to Barranco. It will be packed on the weekend so try to go on a weekday if you have the availability.

Go On A Cheap Boat Ride

Taking a boat ride around the bay is a cheap activity for couples and families. To do this activity, head to the end of the dock and there are plenty of operators that will take you around for 10 Soles/person. The actual boat ride is pretty slow and underwhelming but it does offer great views of Lima.

See The Views From The Cross

At night you’ll see a massive cross illuminated in the distance and you can actually walk up there for a photo opt. The view is contrasting with one side being a poor section of the city in the hills and the shiny new apartments along the waterfront.

Walk Along The Boardwalk

The boardwalk along the ocean in Chorillos is actually one of the better ones in Lima. It’s wide with lots of trees, clean, and well maintained. After spending the day in Chorillos I decided to walk along here during sunset and the views are gorgeous. It also only took around 25 minutes to get back to the stairs leading up to Barranco.

Experience Lima

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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